Speaker Spotlight: Leeza Pesenson

Leeza Pesenson is passionate about the intersection of mindfulness, empathy, and designing great products. A few years after getting her master’s in Human-Computer Interaction, Leeza stumbled upon Compassionate Communication (aka NVC) which has allowed her to rethink the ways that we conduct user research and influence business decisions. She lives in San Francisco, CA and enjoys listening between the lines, finding the perfect metaphor for any situation, and buying more books than she can possibly ever read.


As part of this #CourageToCreate track, Leeza will lead a workshop in user experience and design research: User Research one of the most effective ways to understand your user base. To know if your idea is worthwhile or to see if how you designed it would make sense for others! When things are natural and easy to use, people buy and use them more! Learn why knowing how to leverage user research can help you succeed in any technical role, from an engineer to a product owner or designer. We’ll start why why user research is important, explain a few different methods, and show you how to start conducting your own user research today!

Click here to register!

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