Speaker Spotlight: Carinne Johnson

Carinne Johnson is a user experience professional and content strategist working in the financial industry. In a previous life, she crafted digital experiences and online communications for higher education, nonprofits, and publishing houses. She received her Master’s in Information Management and Systems from the University of California Berkeley’s School of Information and a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.


As part of this #CourageToCreate track, Carinne will present on using this unique opportunity to build your personal brand: After 13 months, many of us are intimately aware of the pros and cons of working from home. One surprising benefit of the virtual workplace is how it levels the playing field. You can elevate your profile and build your personal brand without venturing too far outside your comfort zone.Public speaking isn’t nearly as scary when you’re sitting at your computer wearing bunny slippers and pajama pants. (Or a killer suit. I won’t judge your sartorial power source.)Use this unique moment in time to pitch an event, lead a meeting, organize a hackathon — in short, get noticed. Get your name out there and position yourself as an innovator, a thought leader, a connector, a culture carrier. When we return to the office in person, you’ll be seen as a linchpin your leadership can’t do without.

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