Speaker Spotlight: Caitlin Morrissey

Caitlin Morrissey is a program manager on the Women Techmakers global team at Google, where she’s worked for the past 8 years, and is the global lead for International Women’s Day (also her favorite time of year). She focuses her energy around building innovative learning initiatives and producing events that help empower women in tech to join, lead and thrive in the industry. Before joining the Women Techmakers team, Caitlin worked at YouTube where she ran bootcamps and workshops for up and coming YouTube creators. Originally from Berkeley, California, she now lives across the bay in San Francisco with her husband and many, many indoor plants.


As part of this #CourageToCreate track, Caitlin will lead a workshop called Reframing Your Narrative. In this workshop, explore the source of credibility and how to establish it. We’ll spend time thinking through how you can re-contextualize your own strengths, skills, and experiences and how all this factors the unique value you provide. You’ll walk away from this hour with a first draft of a bio you can use for your LinkedIn, professional website, cover letter or wherever you’re looking to share who you are and why you’re amazing.

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Speaker Spotlight: Wendy Hall Bohling

Wendy Bohling is a speaker, thought leader and corporate consultant on gender intelligence and inclusive leadership, CEO of Corporate Cowgirl Up, author of “Cowgirl Up: A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Corporate Frontier” and “Book of Badass” and co-host of the award winning Big Girl Money podcast, she has more than 30 years as an executive in the corporate saddle at some of the top telecom Fortune 100 companies and healthcare IT startups.


As part of this #CourageToCreate track, Wendy will lead a workshop on resilience. Resilience is one of the secret skills of highly effective leaders. It’s not about being strong, it’s about being flexible. Just recall the willow story about bending not breaking. It’s not IF bad things will happen in your career, company or the world, it’s WHEN. Effective change management practices incorporate understanding how you cope with adversity, shifting yours and others’ paradigm from being the victim of change to building resilience in your organization and developing resiliency as a leader. This session will help you build your skills at being resilient and flexible during these turbulent times. Learn how to transform from adversity to be stronger and more capable. Learn how to incorporate resiliency into your change management initiatives while being an effective, inclusive leader who can respond to the crazy in the world with calm, class and charisma.

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