IWD Summit 2020

Join us on Friday, March 6, 2020 for the 2nd-annual International Women’s Day Summit! Spend the day learning and networking with other Montana women in tech at the Rialto in Bozeman.

We welcome all fields in the tech industry: everyone from engineers, product managers, engineering managers, sales executives, marketers, and user experience designers, to those simply interested in technology are invited to learn with us.

Registration will open in early January. In meantime, read all about last year’s event and stay tuned for more details!

Interested in speaking or running a workshop at the summit? Submit a proposal by January 31!

Interested in sponsoring the event? Check out our sponsors page!

2019 Testimonials

What really struck me the most about this compared to other events that I have attended was the ease and flow of conversation at our table, outside next to the firetrucks and in the small groups. It may be a women thing, but wow. The conversations, tips, mutual acquaintances, common universities, etc. just flowed. That has not been the case nearly as much at [other Montana tech events]. This really surprised me!

Diane Warthen

I was buzzing all weekend after spending the day with such a supportive and inspiring group. … I loved the opportunity to share, collaborate, and learn at an event with only women. As much as I support inclusivity and appreciate men’s interest in female-framed events, I am very hopeful that we will have more gatherings with just women. Everyone seemed very comfortable and authentic and it was like nothing I have been a part of.

Caitlin Johnson (2019 speaker)

This was such a wonderful way to get a group of hardworking women together to discuss shared experiences and how to improve our work environments and feel proud of our contributions to this community and beyond. I’ve already networked with three of the women from my table!

Alex McGee
Small Group Discussions

Candid, honest discussion; loved hearing from so many perspectives.