Speaker Spotlight: Caitlin Johnson

Caitlin Johnson is a Jr Data Scientist at Schedulicity, focusing on high-level business objectives, constructing data feeds, and talking data with non-technical folks on the regular. After studying Applied Mathematics, Caitlin spent years in customer service and support, learning just how much she enjoys connecting with humans. The combo of soft skills and hard landed her happily in analytics, which has proven a fantastic playground of numbers, strategy, and psychology. Caitlin believes that the best decisions are made by diverse groups; as a matter of fact, some machine learning algorithms are fueled by this exact sentiment! Few industries are more influential on society than tech and analytics, so Caitlin aims to encourage underrepresented people to join these arenas. Her ideal future is shaped by the valuable contributions of these differing perspectives.


As part of this #CourageToCreate track, Caitlin will teach us all about data: Data isn’t nearly as objective as we like to think it is. When you’ve invested a lot of resources to launch a new initiative, it’s only natural to optimistically expect the results to be epic. Your boss wants it to work. YOU want it to work. It’s gonna work. But the reality is… it might not work. No longer are you listening to the data for information, you’re seeking validation: “I know there’s good news in here somewhere.” When you’re tapping into the power of data to support and assist your efforts (which I can’t recommend enough!) adopting a few fundamental techniques can help you remain neutral and allow you to rigorously separate noise from signal. Regardless of whether or not you handle data in your role, I have no doubt that embracing these concepts will help you digest information and empower you to approach tasks strategically with long-term goals in mind.

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