Speaker Spotlight: Rollie Goodman

Rollie Goodman is a recovering economist, and currently a Data Scientist at Workiva. Originally from Bozeman, she now lives on the East Coast and misses the mountains (though she’s also starting to develop strong opinions on cheesesteaks and Wawa vs Sheetz). She is passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech spaces, and putting the “driven” in data-driven.


As part of this #CourageToCreate track, Rollie will present on her efforts improve her team’s hiring and interview process. Studies have shown that creating a more data-driven hiring process is good not only for the quality of hires, but also for diversity and inclusion. While this sounds simple enough in theory, figuring out how to implement this kind of process can be difficult in practice. In this talk, I’ll walk through my data science team’s experience building and test-driving a process that treats hiring like statistical hypothesis testing, and share what we learned along the way.

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